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Thank you so much for visiting our web series fundraiser page! We really appreciate your help & support more than you know. Something a lot of people don’t know about us, is that to save up for this project, & to be able to focus so much of our time on creating music in general, we’ve been house / pet sitting full time in Los Angeles for 3 years instead of having an apartment. It is a lot of moving & we’ve had to let go of many posessions, but they are replaced by tons of cute dogs & cats, & that’s pretty ok with me. 🙂 I am so excited to start this jorney, meeting & making music with so many amazing artists all over the world! Scroll down to watch pilot episode.

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#FindingHarmony Series Pilot

Here is the first episode of my web series #FindingHarmony!The #1 reason I'm making this: I just hope you enjoy it 🙂My first ever guest, Kris Smith-Lavoie is not only amazingly talented, but is just such a wonderful person, so warm, kind, smart & funny. I am seriously honored to have her start this series with me. Thank you Kris!! *Major* thank you to my amazing Patreon producers - you have no idea how much I appreciate you & your support! Zach Becvar Tom Fox Brian Callahan Kate Steinway Judith Zi-Pur Erin Hickok Kyle Bowe Mary C Morra William Brierly David Aïr Naomi Rebecca Swallow. I love you so much!So many people helped make this happen - Thank you David Aïr for being a top notch executive producer, helping with sound & also for your never-ending encouragement! Thank you Richelle Topping for cinematography & Tony Ventura for lighting both of you, your talents blew me away! Thank you Sam Coale Coaloptix Entertainment & Jacob Lederer for filming the opening title footage! That epic view is my favorite ever!Thank you Irene Kaponi for your help in editing direction, it made all the difference! Thank you Brett Davey & Renee L'Abbe for your awesome photos!Some of you may be surprised to see that you have a cameo appearance at the very end of this episode (although you may have to watch in full screen & HD to see what I mean 😛) Malek Houlihan Mary C Morra Steve Huhn Kurt Wilkinson Tom Fox Cheryl Voisinet Zach Becvar Graham Trevor The rest of this season will be shot this fall all across Europe where I'll get to know & sing with a different artist each episode. I have a feeling it is going to be an adventure!

Posted by Mary Bee on Sunday, June 3, 2018